Defending You Against Drug Possession Charges

If you were stopped by the police in Philadelphia on suspicion of a DUI or a traffic violation and they found illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine or prescription pills that don't belong to you, you're likely facing serious drug possession charges.

Pennsylvania, like other states, takes drug crimes seriously. Although the laws may have changed in other places, possession of marijuana and other drugs can result in significant legal consequences.

What If I Didn't Know The Drugs Were In The Vehicle?

With more than 20 years of experience handling all types of criminal defense cases, attorney John Della Rocca understands that criminal charges result from a variety of situations. Maybe you didn't know your friend brought marijuana or cocaine into your car - when the cops find the drugs, however, it's highly likely that they'll still place you under arrest.

As your attorney, John will look to prove that you had no knowledge of the drugs. Perhaps they were hidden somewhere in the vehicle or someone else in the car had them in his or her possession. Or maybe the authorities otherwise violated your rights while making the arrest or searching you or your property. John will uncover the evidence and facts that are important in determining how to approach your case.

Whether exploring options for diversionary programs for marijuana possession or taking your case to trial to fight the charges, John will surround you with the legal resources needed to build the best possible defense.

A Local Lawyer Committed To Defending Your Freedom

If you were arrested in connection with a drug crime, chances are the authorities are going to pile on the charges. By hiring a lawyer as soon as possible, you will have someone by your side, telling you what to say and what not to say, and taking necessary steps to see that you are treated fairly.

Whether you're a concerned parent looking for a lawyer to represent your college-age son or daughter or were pulled over for speeding and the police found drugs in your vehicle, attorney John Della Rocca can help.