He is a real lawyer with great heart. He help us with a terrible confusion with one of our family who was arrested for a error. He always was in communication with the family to give us the update of the situation. Thank to his secretary who help us too


My family and I can't be more thankful with John Della Rocca. We hired him and he started working right away and was able to solve the case within 48 hours!!!! ? recommend his services.

Wedly O

I honestly can't say enough good things about John. I ran into some trouble in the middle of serious medical issues. He told me "take care of yourself and let me worry about the courts." I am not the type of person to ever leave reviews, but John was so thorough and exceptional: I felt I had to. If you ever need an attorney, you won't find a better one than John, I truly mean that.

Brian H

John Della Rocca is a phenomenal attorney! He's kind, knowledgeable, diligent, reasonably priced, responsive, and extremely effective at his job. I highly recommend him!

Chris B

My License was under suspension thank you for getting my license restored the same day as you consulted me

I didn't have to go to court all I had to do was pay your fee and you delivered

Thank you, i highly recommend John if your looking to have your license restored due to suspension in my case

Kareem T

?Attorney Mr John Della Rocca is the absolute greatest! There's a reason why he has five stars all the way through. If you ever need an attorney... I, as well as the rest of the people here, HIGHLY RECOMMEND Attorney Mr John Della Rocca. He gets the job done, and (might I add) with class and style!? With him as your attorney, you are not only prioritized, but you are treated as VIP and rigorously fought for. To anyone who reads this review,..You do not need to look any further. YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR ATTORNEY! -Give him a call- "Attorney Mr John Della Rocca, Thank you for your professionalism, and for your consistent punctuality. You went above and beyond! Seriously!, Thank you again. Because of your help, I am able to make a positive difference in my son's life. God bless you in Jesus Christ!" Nic W. :: Hit that thumbs up for me!

Nic W

John is everything you would want in a lawyer that represents you. He was responsive, kind, and assertive when needed. Great lawyer, and person.

Constance J

So Grateful
I was not referred to John by a friend. I found him through a Google search. That was the day I knew my life would change for the best!! My experience was nothing more than professional and encouraging. Although I was not referred, I will refer now everyone that needs exceptional representation to John. I can tell you as I sat in court and observed people represented by other attorneys or themselves and I could see they weren't as prepared as I was, thanks to John. He went above and beyond to prepare me for my court date. As I sat there waiting for my turn to go in front of the panel, I said to myself, I got this! And indeed I did, the vote was in my favor, I was pardoned after 34 years of limitations. Thank you John for all your hard work and dedication to my case. I am truly grateful!

David A

Highly Professional
Mr. John Della Rocca and his staff got me through a very rough time in my case proceedings. His office was highly professional and responsive and he kept me informed throughout the process. Mr. Della Rocca law is the place to start in the scary, emotional and stressful expungement process. Highly recommend.

Evette R.

Took the Time to Understand My Story
I can't recommend John Della Rocca highly enough. Some years back I was convicted of a felony intent to deliver narcotics charge. I have since completely changed my life for the better, and am a professional and family man. Still, this conviction held me back in many aspects of my life. John was extremely empathic to my situation and took the time to understand my story. He was an outstanding coach and walked me through each step as I petitioned the Governor for a pardon. In the end, John helped me achieve clemency and allowed me to begin my life anew. Thank you, John!


Overly Satisfied with the Outcome
I am pleased to share I am overly satisfied with the outcome of my case which was represented by Mr. John Della Rocca. He looked into my case and obtained justifiable documents to support his argument in my case. With his efforts and work my case was thrown out. I would refer John Rocca to represent anyone.


Extremely Knowledgeable and Experienced
I was convicted of an F1 conspiracy to robbery and an M2 simple assault 20 years ago. When I decided to pursue a pardon and began my search for attorneys, I came across the website of John Della Rocca. From our initial conversation, I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced regarding the pardon process. His tenacity was also evident, and the last thing you want is a "sheepish" attorney representing you. His prices were reasonable and he was very responsive.

The whole process took about 5 years. I didn't realize how well of a choice I made until my hearing before the board. Attorney Della Rocca was different from the other candidates' attorneys. They were not as prepped as I was for the hearing. Even listening to the other candidate's attorney's closing statements, I could see a clear difference. They were not articulate, lack substance, and lacked tenacity. On my behalf, John's statement to the board was quick but full of substance and valid points, unlike the cookie cutter "thank you for the opportunity etc." of the other attorneys.

When I received the signed pardon from the governor in the mail it was accompanied by the original letter John wrote and submitted with my application. I had never read it until then and at that moment I saw why I made it through the first stages of the process. The letter was articulate and organized well. It made clear valid points in a systematic format that laid out my needs and achievements to the board and was done with strong emphasis.

I couldn't have made a better choice hiring attorney Della Rocca. The difference in service I received from him is unparalleled if you're considering applying for a pardon. Don't do it alone and don't hire anyone else.


Knowledgeable and Honest
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Della Rocca on a Governor's pardon and expungement for a simple assault case. John was extremely knowledgeable and honest in his dealings throughout the case. He was excellent at setting expectations and I was really struck by his follow up and knowledge of all the players/ process involved in the lengthy and involved proceedings. John's rates were reasonable and most important he delivered. I would highly recommend his services.



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