Accused of Drug Trafficking? Protect Yourself with Help from an Experienced Attorney.

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug charges. There are mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted, making it all the more important to choose a Philadelphia drug trafficking defense attorney with the experience to find the weaknesses in the case and work to eliminate or minimize the consequences.

Attorney John Della Rocca at The Law Offices of John Della Rocca has been defending against these charges since 1998. Through both negotiation and trial, he has helped many people move forward with their lives. Even if you have not yet been charged and are merely under investigation, you can benefit from his representation.

Attorney Della Rocca will review your case, explain the potential consequences and help you develop a defense strategy that protects your rights and long-term interests.

Finding the Weaknesses in Drug Trafficking Cases

Like other drug-related charges, drug trafficking cases tend to be complex. In some cases, law enforcement has spent substantial time investigating and gathering the evidence before filing charges. Police officers and prosecutors face many requirements and, consequently, many opportunities to make mistakes or trample on the rights of the accused. A skilled lawyer will need to thoroughly review every aspect of the case, seeking out weaknesses that could lead to the case being dismissed, the charges being reduced or the penalties being minimized.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, these cases may involve issues related to traffic stops or warrants. If police officers did not have a warrant or deviated from the parameters of the warrant that was issued, evidence collected may be thrown out. Similarly, if a wiretap was used or an undercover operation was conducted, there may be flaws in the case that can be used to provide a better outcome for the accused.

Contact a Lawyer to Begin Building Your Case

If you have been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, take action to ensure that it does not impact your life. Let John Della Rocca help you secure the results you need to move forward with your life.

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