Pardons and Clearing Your Criminal Record

The process of securing a pardon is complex and requires a great deal of preparation and commitment. The entire process can take as much as 2½ years from start to finish. The pardon application includes such elements as your educational history, your employment history and a background check by the Pennsylvania police.

There are three key requirements for a successful pardon application:

  • Demonstrate that you admit guilt and are remorseful.
  • Explain why you need a pardon. (Career, education, etc.)
  • Explain why you deserve a pardon. (Sufficient time has passed, no subsequent arrests, community involvement or family)
The Board of Pardons will review your application and then discuss the matter with the presiding judge and any victims. The board will also look at credit reports, tax returns and any other information sources it deems helpful in making a determination. If it is inclined toward granting a pardon, you will be scheduled for a merit review determination hearing before the Board of Pardons.

This hearing is an incredibly important part of the process. The board will be looking to find any holes in your story. People who have attempted this on their own have ultimately failed because of the testimony they gave at their merit review determination hearing. It is critical that you have experienced counsel to guide you as you prepare for this hearing. Do not let all of your efforts toward securing a pardon go to waste.

Get the Information You Need from an Experienced, Local Lawyer

Philadelphia Attorney John Della Rocca has been handling expungement and record-clearing matters for 20 years. He knows the pardons process and what the Board of Pardons is looking for in a successful application. His extensive experience helping people build persuasive pardons applications can help ensure that your application has the best possible chance for clearing your record of a conviction. John has handled hundreds of expungements and pardons and is proud of the help he has been able to provide to people.

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If you have a criminal conviction on your record, a pardon will clear it. Let Attorney John Della Rocca help you secure the pardon you need to move forward with your life.


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