Expungement for Security Clearances

Being able to obtain a security clearance is an incredibly important matter if you are seeking to enlist or seeking employment with the government or a Pennsylvania employer who works with the military or the government. Having a criminal conviction or even an arrest on your record can prevent you from being approved for a security clearance or eligible to enlist in the military.

Is Your Criminal Record Keeping You from Enlisting?

For those who wish to enlist in the military, a mistake in your past should not prevent you from taking advantage of the incredible opportunities a career in the military offers. Not all criminal convictions will prevent you from enlisting. Those that do are often serious enough that a pardon will be necessary.

Is An Arrest Or A Conviction Preventing You From Securing A Security Clearance?

For those seeking security clearance, convictions and arrests must be cleared from their records. This means that the solution to your individual situation may be to pursue an expungement or a pardon, depending on what types of matters are creating difficulty for you.

Put an Experienced Lawyer in Your Corner

Philadelphia Attorney John Della Rocca is skilled at helping people clear their criminal records so they can move forward with their lives and careers. John has been providing exceptional representation to those seeking to clear their records since 1998. He understands how important these issues can be to his clients and he is dedicated to offering them the real help they need.

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If you have a criminal conviction or even an arrest on your record, clearing that record can be an important step in getting the security clearance needed for a job. Let Philadelphia Attorney John Della Rocca help you secure the pardon you need to move forward with your life.