Understanding Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) is a way of avoiding a conviction. Admission to the program is by agreement with the district attorney. Successful completion of all requirements will result in your charges being dropped. There is no admission of guilt.

The Benefit of ARD to Those Facing DUI Charges

ARD is available to first-time offenders in Pennsylvania. It is often used in the resolution of DUI cases. ARD is granted at the discretion of the district attorney. Complicating factors such as having a suspended driver's license at the time of arrest or an accident being part of the DUI will likely prevent you from being able to take advantage of ARD.

ARD is especially beneficial to those facing DUI charges in that it can help individuals avoid a conviction and therefore the possibility of increased insurance premiums and the risk of escalated penalties for a subsequent DUI conviction.

In the past, completion of ARD automatically resulted in an expungement of the relevant records. This is no longer the case. You must actively pursue an expungement to clear your record.

Philadelphia Attorney John Della Rocca is dedicated to helping people take advantage of the best available options for clearing criminal records. In many instances, ARD can be the best choice for helping you avoid a conviction that could haunt you for years to come. John understands how to build a compelling case for why the ARD program is the right fit for your situation. He also has a deep understanding of the expungement process that can help ensure that your record is clear after successful completion of the ARD program.

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