Learn About the Opportunities for DUI Expungement

A DUI charge in Pennsylvania is the most serious charge that most people will ever face in their lives. The consequences of a DUI conviction can impact an individual's life for years to come in such ways as:

  • Career - Many employers in Philadelphia and beyond use background checks that can uncover a conviction.
  • Insurance - A DUI conviction can result in higher premiums for years to come.
  • Commercial driver's license (CDL) - Commercial drivers need to protect their CDLs or risk losing their ability to work. Even if you secure an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), that ARD will still count as a conviction in regard to your CDL.
Many people secure an ARD as the resolution to a first-offense DUI. These people finish the ARD and assume that their records are clean. This is not the case. Following the completion of an ARD, you need to secure a certificate of completion and file for an expungement to clear your record.

A skilled and experienced lawyer can help ensure that you do everything required to clear your record.

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At The Law Offices of John Della Rocca, Attorney John Della Rocca has helped hundreds of people clear their criminal records since 1998. He understands the processes and how to make them work for his clients. He is committed to helping his clients move forward with their lives free of the burden of a DUI conviction.

For residents of New Jersey, a DUI is not considered a criminal offense and therefore cannot be expunged.

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If you have a DUI on your record, clearing that record can be an important step in moving forward with your life. Let Philadelphia DUI expungement Attorney John Della Rocca help you secure the pardon you need to move forward with your life.