Defending Young People in Underage Drinking/Minor in Possession Cases

For those in the Philadelphia area who have been arrested or are under investigation for underage drinking or being a minor in possession, these times are difficult and embarrassing. Many parents look for a lawyer to help the family make sense of the situation, explore options available to their child and help them understand their rights. The Law Offices of John Della Rocca has been helping college students and others in Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania communities fight charges like these since 1998.

Consequences of Underage Drinking or Possession

When college students are charged with underage drinking or other crimes, the repercussions can have lasting consequences. Not only are they left with a criminal record, but underage drinking or possession charges can cause them to miss out on job opportunities. They could also lose scholarships or be suspended from school.

With the help of an attorney, young people and their families can take meaningful steps toward mitigating or avoiding criminal charges and the damaging effects of a conviction.

Protecting Your Criminal Record

An attorney will strategize the best defense should charges be filed against you or your son or daughter. Attorney John Della Rocca works closely with each of his clients to find the best possible solution. Although the charges may be viewed as just youthful indiscretion or part of growing up, they can have long-term consequences that Attorney Della Rocca can help you understand and avoid.

There are usually more options for first-time offenders. A lawyer can work with the judge toward reduction of charges, possibly develop a plea agreement or agree to participate in an ARD (Acceleration Rehabilitative Disposition) program.

Charged with Underage Drinking and Possession? Call John Della Rocca.

Being charged with underage drinking or as a minor in possession can seriously compromise a college student's future. Parents can help their college-age children beat these charges by hiring an attorney as soon as they learn that charges were filed. Otherwise, the consequences could have a lasting impact on their future education as well as career opportunities.